Most Popular Fetishes Revealed

Fetishism is much more common than you may realise; in fact it is estimated that as many as half of all adults have at least one fetish. These range on a spectrum from mild to extreme and in many cases people have more than one fetish that they would like to explore. 

A fetish is defined as a sexual excitement in response to an object or body part that’s not typically sexual. People can fetishize almost anything, and they do! So what is that gets you going? Want to find out if many others across the country share your fetish? In this article we reveal the 10 most popular fetishes in the UK, according to a survey carried out by the online sex toy retailer 

Check out the list below to see how many you have tried already, or perhaps how many you might want to try when looking to explore something new and exciting. If you’d like to find a stunning companion who shares your fetish, check out our incredible London escorts available now! 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular fetishes in the UK:

#1 Filming Sex 

You might be surprised to learn (or not if this is what you’re into!) that filming sex came out as the number 1 most popular fetish in the country. Knowing you’re being filmed can add an extra adventurous element to the act and many couples enjoy sharing their erotic home videos with other likeminded couples. 

The rise of smartphone use and other handheld devices has certainly made this fetish easier to act out and is a big reason as to why it is now so popular. The cameras on modern phones are amazing, allowing you to capture the passion of the moment without the need for a film crew or expensive recording equipment. 

Just make sure that you know who might be getting their hands on the footage, and only share it with those who you and your sexual partner both agree to sharing it with.

#2 BDSM 

The rise in popularity of BDSM is in part thanks to the release of the book and film series Fifty Shades of Grey. BDSM is no longer seen as weird, seedy or part of a sexual underworld that you should feel ashamed to mention – It is the second most popular fetish in the UK! 

BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. It involves the power exchange between two consenting adults, where the submissive does what the dominant requires of them. All within agreed boundaries and with a safe word of course.

Tying your partner up, making them your sex slave, spanking them or putting a dog chain around their neck and making them crawl around on all fours are just a few examples of BDSM acts. You may wish to do these to your partner or have your partner do these to you. 

#3 Sexual Role Play

Through adopting a different persona, many people find it easier to lose their inhibitions and explore situations which they would never normally approach. Role play is one of the best ways of flirting with your long-held and previously unspoken sexual fantasies. 

If you let yourself commit and both get into character, it stops becoming embarrassing and becomes a way to channel all sorts of areas of your sexuality which you might otherwise leave untouched.

#4 Rubber, Latex & Leather 

This fetish is all about gaining sexual enjoyment from dressing your partner up in rubber, latex or leather material. Or from wearing it yourself. People into this fetish are also sometimes known as ‘rubberists’. 

The tight materials act as a type of sexual bondage and for some the smell of rubber, latex or leather may be a turn on. Items of clothing may include a catsuit or on the more extreme end of the spectrum, a gas mask. Don’t knock it until you try it!

#5 Spanking

Spanking elicits a whole array of physical and psychological responses. On a purely physical level, spanking increases blood flow to the bum and the genitals, thus increasing sexual arousal. There is a close link between pain and pleasure which can be explored with spanking.

On a psychological level, there is the whole domination/submission element taking place, where one of you is ‘powerless’ to the whims of the other. Sex psychologists have also highlighted that spanking can take us back to our childhood, making us feel loved or humiliated, which may be a turn on. 

#6 Feet 

Having a foot fetish is surprisingly common, in fact it is the most popular fetish involving a non-genital body part. There are a few theories as to why people are drawn to feet or foot play. 

Your feet are covered in never endings which equals greater stimulation. Even those who don’t consider themselves to have a foot fetish might enjoy having their feet played with. Then there is also the domination and humiliation aspect; having your partner worship at your feet, or you at theirs is a form of power play. 

#7 Cross Dressing 

This is when a person wears clothing and accessories typically associated with the opposite sex. It is most commonly practised men, both gay and heterosexual. 

There are lots of reasons why this may be popular. It overlaps with the role play fetish element of losing your inhibitions and adopting a different persona. It may also be that crossdressers enjoy being able to wear fashion which is usually not available to them in society. 

#8 Watersports 

Urolagnia (the official term for watersports) is more popular than you might expect –  many people fantasise about being urinated on, or urinating on their partner during sex. 

During the activity, urine may be consumed or the person may bathe in it. Other variations include arousal from wetting or seeing someone else wetting their pants, or the bed. For some people, a golden shower may be arousing because it is thought of as taboo, for others it’s the humiliation of being peed on or forced to pee themselves.

#9 Swinging 

Otherwise known as wife swapping or partner swapping, swinging involves couples indulging in sex with another couple or group of individuals with the full consent of both partners.

There are a lot of things to love about swinging – the opportunity to switch things up with different people with all different kinds of bodies, the voyeuristic fun of watching a partner playing with someone else, the exhibitionist joy of being watched, and getting to indulge in different kinks and fetishes. 

#10 Sex Outdoors 

Agoraphilia is a fetish for having sex in public places. Agoraphiles may enjoy having sex in national parks, on beaches, and in other public places. Having sex outdoors in a public place is illegal in the UK, but many choose to enjoy this fetish in their own garden without causing too much of a stir. 

It may be driven by the idea of being seen by others, or perhaps by the thrill of being caught. 

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